11 May 2021

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Are you on the right energy plan

Did you know there are two energy plans available to business customers – small and large market plans?

Small market plans are for small consumers of electricity and large market plans are for large users of electricity. Being on the right plan could save your business thousands of dollars a year.

Who is considered a large user of electricity?

This all depends on the load threshold per state.

  • In Victoria, the load threshold is 40,000 KWh/year.
  • In NSW and QLD, the load threshold is 100,000 KWh/year.
  • In SA, the load threshold is 160,000 KWh/year.

If your consumption meets the minimum threshold, your site is classified as a large user of electricity. Anything below the threshold is classified as a small user of electricity.


How do you know if your plan is a small or large energy plan?

The quickest way to check is if your bill has a discount. If your bill has a pay on time or guaranteed discount, you are on a small market plan. If your plan has items like usage charges, network charges, environmental charges etc, you are on a large market plan.


How do you check your usage?

If you are on a small market plan, your bill will display your average daily load (ADL) in KWh. Multiply this by 365 and you will get your annual consumption. If you are a on large market plan, check your monthly energy consumption in KWh. Multiply this by 12 and you will get your annual figure.


What happens if I am on the wrong plan?

If you are a large user, and on a small market plan, you will likely save money by switching to a large market electricity plan. Conversely, if you are a small user of electricity and on a large market plan, there may be benefits for your business switching to a small market electricity plan.

If you need help doing a sense check on your energy bills, no matter who your retailer is, EnergyAustralia can help recommend the best plan for your usage. For more information, please contact Karen Roy at [email protected], or 0434 888 779.