14 Dec 2020

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Our 20 positives of 2020

We made it through the year!

Our thoughts are with everyone and, at this time of year, we would like to show our gratitude and reflect on 20 positives 2020 delivered. Here is our list of 20 positives that we’d like to share with you.

  1. Reconnecting and quality time with those we live with as we navigated through isolation and other restrictions
  2. Witnessing milestones in our children during formative years that we may have otherwise missed working away from home
  3. New fur baby arrivals providing a number of physical health and psychological benefits including increased cardiovascular health, fewer visits to the doctor, stronger immune systems, increased popularity and empathy, higher self-esteem and a more positive outlook on life, less depression, and care, keeping us company when we’re sick or feeling down as well as giving us a sense of security if we are home alone
  4. A huge reduction in pollution and carbon emissions. Our parks looked greener, our beaches looked cleaner and clearer air, water and skies.
  5. A new way to connect through Microsoft Teams, ZOOM, House Party and more
  6. Improved work/life balance for many
  7. Less incidences of other flu and pneumonia deaths
  8. An increase in Job Seeker for those without jobs and Job Keeper support for those with jobs
  9. Doing nothing and not feeling bad about it! Reading more, playing more music, watching more television, cooking (sourdough anyone?), discovering new tastes with food and other home deliveries or just lying down and relaxing
  10. Less commuting! All that money saved from not driving or catching public transport
  11. The establishment of The Kindness Pandemic on socials, calling out and recognising the kindness in people and people being kinder generally
  12. Getting to know your neighbours
  13. Free music concerts online, free herbs in a bucket out the front of people’s home, free book swaps and more
  14. The return of nature – listening to the birds sing and bird watching, taking time to stop and smell the flowers on our restricted walks around the neighbourhood, hugging trees (or is that just us?), feeling lush grass, dirt or sand under our feet
  15. Becoming more online savvy, whether it is to purchase products or creating and selling products
  16. More support for local businesses, many of whom pivoted to sell their products online
  17. Discovering our own backyard. Travel over these holidays will be mostly restricted for many people to locations around Australia. Go for it!
  18. Learning new skills!
  19. Appreciating time with loved ones, whenever and wherever we can
  20. Our health and well-being, for those with the good fortune of remaining in good health

We hope you have a safe and well deserved Christmas and New Year. We look forward to supporting you and your sustainability initiatives in the new year.