4 Jul 2020

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The Future of Energy Efficiency
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We have a great challenge ahead of us.

What are the opportunities available for businesses to power their profits through energy efficiency initiatives?

The important takeaway from the upcoming changes is that regional areas undertaking industrial retrofits (eg. upgrading warehouse lights to LED high bays) will benefit the most from subsidies increasing by as much as 20%. However, subsidies will be reduced in metro areas (eg. upgrading office tube lights) by a similar percent.

A high bay in a retail space is currently eligible for 10 years of ESCs, however from 1 November, high bays will only be eligible for 10 years of ESCs in regional areas and 7.4 years in metro locations.

In addition, the eligibility threshold for small businesses under the Home Energy Efficiency Retrofit (HEER) program has changed to be based on electricity consumption. This is favourable for small businesses who will now be eligible for subsidies under HEER.

The world is responding to the need for new clean energy generation with major advances in technology including scalable battery storage, embedded solar technology, intelligent LED lighting and laser focused energy monitoring, visit swipenclean.com to know more.

In the video below, our CEO, Erik Zimmerman summarises trends and opportunities in energy efficiency industry during an inspirational evening with businesses in the City of Yarra and beyond.


The Future of Energy Efficiency // Cherry Energy Solutions from Cherry Energy Solutions on Vimeo.

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