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System Design

Aesthetics Our team is dedicated to match the aesthetics of your system to your needs. This can range from black panels, frameless panels or an arrangement to keep the system hidden from view on the street. These can be discussed in further detail with your energy consultant.

How long will my system last? 50 kW Solar PV systems are made up of panels and inverters. Tier 1 reputable panels have performance warranties of 25 years and product warranties of 12-25 years (depending on the brand) and inverters can have warranties of 10 years +.

System Output

Size Depending on the Watt of the panels (or modules) will depend on how many you need. The higher the Watt of the panel, the less panels you will need. If each panel Watt is 330kW, you would need 151 panels.

Product quality Cherry Energy Solutions only use Tier 1, quality photovoltaic panels (or modules) and inverters that have the best reputations in the market as well as Australian warranties.

System Cost

Savings Your savings will vary depending on the size of your system, your current energy consumption, electricity rates and when you use your energy

Payback duration The payback duration depends on whether you pay cash up front, take out a chattel mortgage, Energy Upgrade Finance, lease or PPA

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