Salmon Marketing Trust
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$17,598 saved annually

$793,434 in lifetime savings


The Salmon Marketing Trust were interested in taking control of their energy usage and offsetting the cost of irrigation with a solar system on their large property Norton Mandeville in Tasmania.


In partnership with Gravitas Energy, Cherry Energy Solutions installed a 60kW solar system. Due to unsuitable roof space for a large system, the expert Cherry solar system designers advocated for a ground mount system. An initial site inspection revealed that the proposed site was on a rock bed, representing a feasibility challenge. However, with careful planning and execution, the team were able to successfully install the system on the rock bed.

The 60kW system was made up of 232 260W panels that will generate more than $17,000 in energy savings per annum.

The lifetime benefit of the system is more than $793,000, a fantastic result for the Salmon Marketing Trust. Following the success of this initial project, the Salmon Marketing Trust will be installing an addition 40kW to bring the system up to 100kW in the coming months.


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