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HSV was established as a result of a partnership between General Motors Holden and Tom Walkinshaw Racing (TWR) group that revolutionised the local car performance industry.

This alliance worked to maintain the tradition of Holden-based performance sedans and has since produced a large collection of modified vehicles with Holden or GM sourced V8 engines.

$201,000 saved annually

1,122 MWh generated annually


With an exciting future of intense growth in vehicle enhancement and re-engineering, HSV decided to invest in solar PV systems and LED lighting upgrades to counteract increasing energy usage and costs. The facility’s proximity to Baxter’s landfill and a large bird population required additional design plans to accommodate for the safety of the wildlife population alongside the ongoing production of the solar PV system.


The Cherry team upgraded the site with a solar PV system comprised of 3180 x 270W QCell QPower modules, 1590 x P600 SolarEdge Optimisers and 24 inverters. This was coupled with an LED light upgrade of 400 x 200W Zetta Highbays and diffusers, Polar Panels, Fortis T8 Tubes and Optima Classics. The solar PV system was also secured with bird netting to ensure the continuous production of the system and safety of the wildlife.

HSV will save approximately $201,000, an impressive 1,122mWh in energy consumption and an amazing 1,211 tonnes of CO2 per year.

1,211 tonnes CO2

Reduced annually

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