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Since 1978, Dex Audio has been operating a sophisticated audio manufacturing, casette duplication and later adding CD and DVD replication service, as well as DVD authoring and music distribution, in inner city Melbourne.

$22,000 saved annually

135,000kWh saved annually


The reproduction and manufacturing process is highly energy intensive and, with rising energy costs and a focus on environmental conservation, Dex Audio approached Cherry Energy Solutions to assist in identifying areas within the business that could be optimised to help reduce energy and demand charges.


Prioritising a technically advanced solution with a high level of detail around panel performance and measurement capability, Cherry Energy Solutions recommended QCELLS Q.PEAK 370W panels coupled with a SolarEdge Synergy inverter and DC optimisers.

Additionally, Solar Analytics monitoring will provide Dex Audio with a high level of information on energy produced and energy consumed.

The renewed focus on energy efficiency also allowed Dex Audio to re-tune their equipment to passively improve the power factor at the facility.

The system is meeting performance expectations and Dex Audio can now look forward to saving $22,000 per year, 135,000kWh of energy and an impressive 172 tonnes of CO2 each year.


Saved annually

172 tonnes CO2

Reduced annually

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