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CNP Brands is one of the leading manufacturers, importers and distributors of a broad range of nursery products.

$53,327 saved annually

290,226kg CO2 reduced annually

The Challenge.

With a large factory in Derrimut, VIC and long operating hours, more than 60% of CNP Brands’ energy usage could be attributed to lighting.

In addition to cutting their energy bills, CNP Brands were interested in improving their lux levels, working environment and environmental footprint.

The Solution.

A combination of lights from the VIVA LED Troffer, ARGO LED Corn Light and FORTIS LED Tube ranges were installed and led to an enormous reduction in energy expenditure of 75%!

The new lights will last for more than 50,000hrs, saving CNP Brands an additional $4,168 in maintenance costs and a grand total of more than $31,000 every year!

The high lumen output is now providing optimum conditions for product manufacturing and exhibition.

CNP Brands combined their LED lighting upgrade with the installation of a 70kW solar system, made up of 270, 265W Q CELLS panels and Fronius inverters.

The new solar system will generate 93,8621 kWh per annum, equivalent to more than $21,798 every year.


Solar PV system


Energy expenditure reduction

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