Commercial LED Downlights

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Cherry Energy Solutions’s is committed to cutting the power bills at your home or workplace without compromising on the quality of lighting. Extremely energy efficient and long-lasting, our
Commercial LED downlights are designed to perform, and competitively priced so that you receive a return on your investment in the shortest possible time. Our strict quality control measures ensure our products are of the highest standard among commercial LED suppliers in the industry, and help you achieve your 6 star energy rating.

Our downlight frames and lamps come in a range of styles to suit a modern or traditional interior, seamlessly fitting into any home or business and ensuring you of superior lighting.

Ready to make the switch? Browse through our product catalogue or pick up the phone to contact a member of our customer service team so that we can provide the best product to suit your requirements. We supply downlights at wholesale price in Australia’s residential and commercial sectors and different suburbs including Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Downlight Features

  • High quality functional lighting for exceptional indoor performance.
  • Immediate savings through efficient low energy usage.
  • State of the art technology for uniform and comfortable light rays (no black spots).
  • Perfect for highlighting objects with warm white light
  • No flickering when installed correctly.
  • Products to suit new or existing homes and offices.
  • 2 year warranty.
  • 50,000 hour lifetime
  • Certified to Australian standards.

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