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What is Power2U?

Ausgrid has introduced a generous incentive for non-residential customers to adopt energy efficient solutions such as solar PV systems and LED lighting upgrades across selected Sydney suburbs.*

Eligible customers can get $180 per kW saved with solar PV system installations and $100 per MW saved annually from LED lighting upgrades. Up to $50,000 is available per customer! This is in addition to the federal government rebate (STCs) for solar and the state government Energy Savings Scheme (ESS) rebates for LED lights.

That’s a $17,820 rebate for a standard 99kW commercial solar PV system and approximately $100 per 15 lights.

If you choose to finance your installation, we have a number of options including Business Upgrade Finance (BUF) through the City of Sydney. You could pay nothing upfront and be cash flow positive from day one!

Selected Sydney Suburbs

If you are a non-residential customer (SME, commercial business, government agency or institution) from any suburb below, you are eligible for the rebate.

Suburb map

How does it work?

Follow these simple steps to get the most from this fantastic program.

  1. Contact us to request an obligation free energy assessment to determine the appropriate size and design of the solar PV system and/or LED lighting upgrade most suitable to your business and circumstances.
  2. Once agreed, sign the acceptance in the proposal, inclusive of the the Power2U rebate.
  3. We install!

Why Cherry?

Cherry Energy Solutions have completed up to 50 megawatts of solar PV installations and over a million LED lights around Australia. We are a Clean Energy Council member and Approved Retailer, as well as triple ISO certified. 

Check out our case studies of businesses similar to yours, who have already increased their energy efficiency with solar power and/or LED lights.

Act quickly! This incentive is capped and is available on a first application in, first allocation basis. Installations must be completed by 20th June 2020.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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