Energy Freedom

Energy Freedom is all about giving our customers control of their energy consumption.  You can now choose where your energy comes from and how you can use it more efficiently.

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How it works

  • Cherry Energy
    Solutions is a
    one-stop shop for
    energy efficiency.
  • Free Energy AuditOur energy efficiency experts begin
    the process by conducting a free
    energy audit of your business.
  • Latest DevelopmentsOur experts will talk you through
    the latest product developments in
    our range and the government
    rebates available.
  • Portfolio of SolutionsWe will discuss the most
    applicable solution for you,
    whether it involves one or all of
    our products.
  • Upgrade ProposalWe then provide you with an
    energy efficiency upgrade proposal
    including estimated cost and
    energy savings, payback period and
    carbon emissions reductions.


At Cherry Energy Solutions we’re convinced that energy efficient technologies should be made available to as many Australians as possible. We are proud to introduce our ‘Energy Solutions That Pay for Themselves’ program. This program is proudly supported by the Sustainable Australia Fund, a specialised fund leading the investment, facilitation and stimulation of innovative environmental projects and services throughout Melbourne.

What does ‘Energy Solutions That Pay For Themselves’ mean?

Our brand new ‘Energy Solutions That Pay for Themselves’ program will allow the average* Australian energy consumer/business to be CASH FLOW POSITIVE  from day one of their energy solution installation….that means lower monthly repayments than your savings on your energy bill. Wow!

How does it work?
  • No large upfront payments.
  • Access to the complete product range from Cherry Energy Solutions.
  • Easy to manage direct monthly repayments for a 24 or 36 month period (depending on the product installed)
  • No additional interest charges over and above your scheduled monthly repayment.

To learn more about how you can enjoy the benefits of LED lighting and solar without the upfront cost, please contact our friendly team now.

*See Terms and Conditions for an insight into our methodology.

Start Saving!
Get Energy Solutions that Pay for Themselves.