BB Truss Solar (99kW)

BB Truss Solar (99kW)

BB Truss & Timber is a manufacturer of quality timber roof trusses and has been supplying the building industry for many years.

With long operating hours and heavy machinery, their custom-built 6,000m2 facility in Central Victoria was using an extremely large amount of energy.

BB Truss wanted a company with a solid reputation in the commercial solar industry so contacted Choice Energy, who commissioned Cherry Energy Solutions to install a solar system to cover the majority of their peak energy consumption.

BB Truss & Timber installed a 99kW solar system made up of 384 Renesola 260W solar panels and Fronius 25kW inverters. It was secured with top of the range Clenergy mounting equipment. This size system will generate approximately 143,000 kWh per annum and made BB Truss eligible for Small-Scale Technology Certificates, equivalent to a discount of over 40% off the total system cost.


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