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Tamar Cabinets



The situation

Established in 1993, Tamar Cabinets is a family-owned manufacturing business of a range of cabinetry including kitchens, vanities, laundries and many more. Based in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, they provide custom designed cabinetry at an affordable cost.

The company was interested in cutting overheads and saving costs for the business. However, having heard of bad quality installations and faulty equipment in other solar PV installations, Tamar Cabinets was skeptical about the promised benefits.

The solution

To address the company’s concerns about solar PV system reliability, our Cherry team collaborated with Tamar Cabinets on every aspect of the installation, from initial customised design to application for their feed in tariff. A SE82.6kW SolarEdge inverter and 135 x P800 SE optimisers were selected to compliment 270 x 370W QCELL QPEAK modules. A SolarEdge monitoring system was integrated to provide real time information on system performance. Prioritising customer satisfaction above all else, Cherry Energy Solutions will also tackle the site demand charges and installed Power Factor Correction to further reduce energy bills.

Tamar Cabinets is exceptionally pleased with the 140,000 kWh, 163 tonnes of carbon emissions and $23,000 saved annually, thanks to their new solar PV system.





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