St Paul’s Anglican Grammar



The situation

St Paul’s Anglican Grammar School were interested in becoming an ambassador for sustainability within the local community and educating students, family and community members on the importance of energy efficiency initiatives. They were particularly interested in investigating the opportunity of installing solar systems on both their junior and senior
campuses. In addition, the school was conscious of rising electricity prices and wanted to protect themselves against future price increases through renewable energy sources.

The solution

St Paul’s chose Cherry Energy Solutions as their partners in sustainability to deliver a cashflow positive energy efficiency solution within the school’s current energy spend. With the help of consultancy firm AgVet Energy, Cherry proposed combining an LED lighting upgrade with the installation of solar systems on the junior and senior campuses in both Warragul and Traralgon. Working with the school’s maintenance, management and electrical teams, feasibility studies were conducted for each campus by installing Cherry Pulse intelligent energy monitoring systems to monitor, in real-time the school’s current energy usage patterns and the expected performance of the proposed solar systems.

Following the promising feasibility study, 99.8Kw solar system was installed on the senior school at the Warragul campus and more than 350 old light fittings were replaced with a range of Cherry LED lights. At the Traralgon campus, more than 1,000 light fittings were replaced with Cherry LEDs and solar was installed on both the junior and senior school sites. 108 solar panels were installed at the junior school campus to generate 28kW of power and 114 panels at the senior school campus to generate 29kW of power. With existing solar infrastructure already in place, the new systems were fully integrated and installed at no disruption to the school’s operation.

Across both the Warragul and Traralgon campus, the school is now saving more than 289,711 kWh per annum which is equivalent to more than $54,150, 379,033 kg CO2 or taking 80 cars off the road! The significant monetary savings can now be put back into the school’s education budget to help incorporate sustainability into the curriculum. What is more, the installation of Cherry Pulse touch screen monitors has significantly increased awareness for sustainability measures across the entire school community.

After the success of the project, another 50kW solar system is set to be installed over the coming months to further reduce the school’s reliance on grid-power and continue their journey towards energy freedom. After this system is installed, the school will be officially registered as a ‘Power Generator’!

To celebrate their energy efficiency initiatives, St Paul’s even received a visit from The Hon. Lily D’Ambrosio MP, Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate Change.

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Warragul & Traralgon, Victoria

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