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The situation

With lighting contributing to a large portion of Qube Logistics’ total expenditure on energy, they were looking for ways to cut their operation costs by becoming more energy efficient. The warehouse areas of their large logistics centres required a high lumen output and LED lighting offered the most cost effective solution to improve OH&S conditions, create a brighter, safer working environment and reduce costs.
Due to the height of a poles in the container yard, 28m and 36m, the installation of lighting would require extremely still conditions, with winds less than 20 km/h. This was an important consideration for the Cherry team during proposal stages.

The solution

In a staged rollout, first over 390 x 400W metal halide highbays were upgraded to 200W high performance ZETTA Highbays with photometric sensors. Second, 14 x 900W NIMMO FORTA flood lights and 42 x 450W ZETTA ALPHA area lights were installed, reducing the wattage of the area lights from 78,000W to 27,200W – a significant saving for Qube.

The Cherry team worked closely with the Qube night staff, to ensure the new lights were installed at an appropriate angle for illumination. As a result, the feedback from the night staff was overwhelmingly positive.

The efficiency of the LED chips allowed for increased lumen output and lux levels on the ground. In the section closest to the railway, the light levels improved 4-fold. In the container yard, the light levels were between 3 and 6 times the pre-upgrade level. The combined savings of the warehouse and area lighting upgrade exceed $66,000 per annum, a fantastic result for all involved.





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