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Pakenham Library


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The situation

The Pakenham Library facility, owned by Cardinia Shire Council and managed by Casey Cardinia Libraries, includes the Pakenham Hall, U3A and library. As an active member in promoting literacy, free access to information and a culture of lifetime learning, the library provides reading material, educational resources and public spaces for the community.

A champion for continuous innovation and emissions reduction, Cardinia Shire Council commissioned the LED lighting upgrades to improve the building’s energy efficiency and infrastructure. It was essential for the new installations to brighten internal and external areas, maintain consistent luminosity around the compound and light up artwork in the foyer.

The solution

Cherry Energy Solutions provided approximately 600 new and efficient LED replacements including track lights, carpark lighting, tubes, dimming systems and downlights. The lighting upgrades and additional ballasts were integrated with the existing dimming system and indoor architectural fittings to preserve the original building design while the outdoor fittings were substituted with IP65 Fortis Lenta battens. Track lighting was fitted to illuminate the artwork displayed in the foyer.

The Pakenham Library facility can now count on an enduring LED lighting range and saving an estimated $7,500 in energy and maintenance costs, 38,000 kWh and 40,000 kg CO2 per annum*.

*for the purpose of quantifying savings based on the use of grid power and not considering solar electricity.





kg CO2



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