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Hopper Motor Group


The situation

The Hopper Motor Group is rich in family history, being a third generation family owned and operated business since 1962. Their professional team offer the entire range of new vehicles across 8 brands and stock a large number of quality pre-owned and demo vehicles. They also offer servicing of all brands and have established themselves as the preferred choice for a range of auto repairs.

With long opening hours from Monday to Saturday, the energy saving benefits of solar coupled with high cost returns piqued the interest of Hopper Motor Group. However, initial capital investment proved difficult to obtain and posed an obstacle in progressing with the project.

The solution

undertake environmentally progressive projects, Hopper Motor Group were financially supported with competitive interest rates and the convenience of paying off a solar PV installation through their City of Wyndham rates.

A 250 kW system composing of 912 Tier 1 solar panels from one of the top 10 globally recognised brands, as well as eight Fronius inverters, were installed on site. The enormous roof space available allowed for a large system installation that will generate 48% of the company’s energy needs. The newly installed system will provide Hopper Motor Group with $2.5 million in lifetime benefits, and save them 320,000 kWh in energy and an astounding 384,000 kg in carbon emissions per annum.





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