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The situation

Hailing from the streets of West Perth, D’Orsogna is well known for their quality hams, bacon and continental products. Fully Australian operated and owned for more than 70 years, the company were interested in generating their own clean energy to reduce dependence on the grid, as well as energy costs.

Through an integrated client partnership, Energy Action and Cherry Energy Solutions
developed a plan to best utilise the large roof space available at D’Orsogna’s brand new,
purpose built Mickleham site.

The solution

After completing the necessary engineering specifications, a 1.05 megawatt solar PV system was commissioned for D’Orsogna’s largest energy consuming site nation wide.

As a trusted partner to Sustainable Australia Fund, Cherry worked with Hume City Council to facilitate an Environmental Upgrade Agreement, the first in the region. This will financially support the project as an operational expense, with the asset repayments replacing the
energy expense. It will also give D’Orsogna the convenience of paying off the installation through their council rates and making them cash flow positive from day one.

D’Orsogna’s annual savings will be $210,197, 1,470,808 kWh generated on site and
carbon emissions equivalent to planting more than 31 million seedlings!




1,883 tonnes

kg CO2



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