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The situation

Booth Transport was founded in 1936 and uses customer service, innovation and productivity to set the standard in bulk liquid, container and direct transport services.

With large warehouse facilities across Australia, Booth was interested in reducing their electricity bills and making use of their large roof space to generate their own energy.

In addition to solar, Booth Transport was interested in battery storage technology to reduce their peak demand charges and store any excess energy produced by their new solar systems.

The solution

Booth Transport opted to install solar systems on both their Laverton and Strathmerton sites. A 99.75 kW system was installed in Laverton and a 391.02 kW system in Strathmerton. For the Strathmerton site, the Cherry Solar experts designed a system made up of 1,372 Q Cell solar panels and 14 Fronius 27kW inverters. It will produce approximately 561,400 kWh per annum and over 25 years, will save Booth more than $2.8 million.

The 99.75 kW system in Laverton was made up of 350 solar panels and 4 27kW inverters. It will generate approximately 132,000 kWh per annum, equivalent to savings of more than $450,000 over 25 years.

A 100kWh Tesla Powerpack has also been installed in Strathmerton. This was one of the first commercial installations in Australia and will store excess energy produced by Booth’s solar system and dramatically reduce their reliance on the grid.






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