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Australian Meat Group


The situation

Lead by a well-established team with decades of experience, Australian Meat Group (AMG) provides high-quality meats. As an abattoir with long operational hours, AMG took advantage of the refurbishment of their
Dandenong site to invest in an energy-efficient asset that would bring down energy usage and costs significantly.

Cherry Energy Solutions were given the opportunity to work with AMG on a 1.2MW solar PV system after being awarded the job from a select group of solar companies. As the site spans multiple roofs, it was a challenge to ensure the large system was compatible with individual switchboards and sub-switchboards.

The solution

Detailed and thorough planning and collaboration were necessary to ensure the massive solar PV system would feed all switchboards and sub-switchboards without overloading the system and grid.

Cherry ensured the project was delivered on time and on budget, in its entirety, to AMG’s satisfaction. Their new 1.2MW system consisting of over 4510x275W Q Cells panels and 41 Fronius inverters will save $236,782 and 1,608,388kWh per annum. They will also save over 2,000 tonnes of
carbon emissions annually, equivalent to growing 33,070 tree seedlings for 10 years!





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